Farm Life Mod


Frequently Asked Questions

Recipes seem complicated

I have created a markdown file that contains all recipes and links to all the required items’ recipes as well.

All of the complicated recipes now have quests. You can craft a quest item that will start a quest chain which enables you to gather all of your materials upfront.

How do you find the quest item though? It’s very simple, all you need to know is the name of the food you are trying to craft. If you search for Bolognese in the crafting menu, you will see both the food and quest items appear.

Complicated crafting is now much easier with these dynamic quests.

Where do I get seeds?

Seeds for Farm Life are found just like vanilla seeds. You can loot them and buy them from traders. Trash piles, cupboards, and sinks are great places to look for them.

Once you have enough of the fruit or vegetable, you can craft them. For trees you must loot them or buy them though. Once you have acquired a tree seed, you will be able to easily increase your orchard though 🙂

There are two different quests you can complete to get plant and tree seeds. You just need one piece of coal and one piece of paper for each. Complete these quests and gain a Crate that you can place and smash for seeds:

  • Best Approaches: Farming Crops
  • Growing Trees by stasis78

These are completely optional. If you want to just scavenge like vanilla, you will find all the seed eventually 🙂

How do pens work?

There is a quest called ‘The Basics: Livestock’. You can create the quest item and complete it for an in game walk through. Otherwise keep reading! (Please keep reading anyway, there are lots of things to learn here:)

To raise livestock you do the following:

  • Craft a Pen
  • Place the Pen on the ground (they do not stack on top of each other)
  • Craft a “Pitch Fork”
  • Make either “Cattle Feed” or “Chicken Feed” (depends on whether a pen or a coop)
  • Equip the Pitch Fork and then “upgrade” the Empty Pen/Coop
  • Wait for the critters to finish eating and growing
  • Harvest with a Machete or Knife for best results

Hope that clears this up!

What are these animals that look dead inside the pens?

There are very simple states for each stage of a livestock pen.

  • Laying down (looking dead) means the critters are hungry. You should feed them.
  • If they have their head down then they are grazing, let them get full.
  • When they are idling with their heads up, that means they are ready harvest.

How do I make Beer, Wine, and Spirits (like Whiskey or Vodka)?

Checkout out this post on Brewing.