Farm Life Mod

What is Farm Life?

Farm Life is a mod for the game 7 Days to Die.

Note: Have questions about something in this mod? Check the FAQ.

Farm Life extends the game’s content by adding new crops, trees, crafting stations and tools – and Livestock. With these new blocks come more food, drinks, libations, and recipes. There are also quests to help players figure out how things work.

Want to learn about how Farm Life is made? Check the Dynamic Systems page.

There are hours and hours of new content to explore, grow, and craft. Farm Life offers the largest and most detailed selection of plants, livestock, and recipes for extending the base game.

Other “overhaul” mods offer massive changes to the base game, with a few new additions. Farm Life, on the other hand, does not modify any of the base game content. Anyone can add this mod to an existing map and play like as they usually would. There aren’t complicated changes to the game to figure out, only new things that fit right in with the base content of the game.

The new systems that have been added to the game, such as the Livestock system, all have quests to help understand how things work. Players don’t have to figure everything out from scratch.

Farm Life is all about giving you more things to do in and around your base — Plant large fields with custom crops models.

A field with new plant models for Wheat, Rosemary, Beet, and Tomato plants.

Plan a tree grove with your favorite new trees.

New models for Orange, Cherry, Sugar Maple, and White Oak trees.

Design a barnyard for your Livestock to live in.

Animal pens for Angus, Hereford, Elk, Veal, Pigs, and Chickens.

Build the ultimate kitchen using the new cooking stations; Chopping Board, Gas Cooktop, Gas Oven, and the KitchNaid.

Kitchen with two Gas Ovens, a Gas Cooktop, KitchNaid, and Chopping Board.

Create a brewhouse for using the new Brew Station, Brew Cooker, and Fermentor Bench.

A Brewer’s corner with the new Brew Station, Brew Cooker, and Fermentor Bench.

Make an outdoor patio for the Cold Smoker and Wood Grill.

The new Cold Smoker model.

There is much more content to explore. Download and install this mod to checkout all the additions to the game.

** This mod would not be possible without the hard work and dedication of syn7572. They have full credit for all their work on assets. I’m very grateful for their willingness to contribute to this mod.