Farm Life Mod

Dynamic Systems

Farm Life is unique from other mods. Yes, there are custom models and icons, but there is also the ModLife tool.

ModLife tool used to generate Farm Life and much more

ModLife is a custom built tool which generates and bundles all of the config and asset files used in Farm Life. It is more than just a packaging tool; it procedurally creates many of the quests, item buffs, localization descriptions, and the economic and food values.

So what exactly does this all mean? We’ll try to explain below.

Recipe Trees

ModLife generates a tree structure for every recipe. This tree contains all of the subcomponents for every step in a recipe. With all of this information, ModLife can do many things.

Visual representation of a tree

Dynamic Quests

There are many recipe chains that have more than a few steps. At times it can be confusing and tedious to figure out what ingredients you need to cook or brew something. Dynamic quests cleverly solve this using the recipe tree.

Chicken Tamales are very complex to craft

For every craft-able food, drink, or libation there is an accompanying quest. Starting these quests is done by crafting a quest item, which only requires one paper and one coal. Finding the quest items is easy; let’s take a simple example.

Say you want to make ‘Bolognese Dish’ which has many steps and ingredients. To find the quest item, type ‘Bolognese’ into the search box from the crafting menu. Cooking has never been easier with these dynamic quests.

Bolognese Sauce and Dish

There is more than just cooking to dynamic quests. ModLife also generates quests for every crafting station and crafting tool. It’s easy to figure out what items you need for a completed crafting station, all without any guesswork.

Brew Station tools quest – Phase 1

Dynamic Economy

One of the hardest things to get right in gaming is balancing. ModLife uses the recipe trees to help solve this. When generating items, ModLife uses the recipe trees to determine all of the items required for crafting. It takes these items and sums them up along with some other elements such as crafting time — the product of this calculation is an evenly scaled value.

Apple Pie is much simpler to create than Bolognese Dish

The time you spend and the materials required all play a role in the economy for Farm Life. But they are all mathematically correct and balanced with every other item.

Dynamic Food and Water

Similar to the dynamic economy, all food and water items have properly adjusted values, all based on the time and materials required for crafting.

Dynamic Buffs

ModLife provides a unique feature, one no other mod offers – dynamic buffs. Many of the edibles in Farm Life have handcrafted buffs that reflect something unique about them. Bolognese Dish gives the Sicilian buff, while Fajitas Platter has Mariachi. Each of these types of buff is handcrafted and has specific effects.

Mariachi buff from eating Fajitas Platter

Farm Life has many things to cook and eat. Providing manually coded buffs for everything would lead to a very dull experience. Instead, ModLife generates dynamic buffs for many types of food and drinks. How does it work?

Recipe trees are used to determine the complexity level for a given item. With a custom name and item complexity, ModLife uses a pseudo-random system to apply a set of buff values to the item. These buff values come from a table of all the possible buffs in the game. Some of the results are very interesting and fun to use. There are also some very powerful hidden buffs.

Dynamic buffs set Farm Life apart from other mods in very unique and exciting ways. There is a reason to try and make every food in the game; you never know what buff effects are lurking in even the most mundane foods.

Item Descriptions

ModLife dynamically generates many of the item descriptions in Farm Life. ModLife categorizes every item and block in the game based on several different types of metadata. This metadata is used to generate the descriptions for many items dynamically. Using procedurally generated descriptions ensures that you always get accurate and detailed descriptions for anything that wasn’t curated by hand.