Farm Life Mod

Sushi is coming

I’m adding in farmable Salmon to the game. As a result, not only will there be fish, there will be sushi recipes finally getting added in.

The plan is to add all these types of sushi, eventually.

Fermentor Bench

The Fermentor Bench is used to help with the fermentation of certain foods. It has four crafting tools.

Jar Airlock
Clay Pot
Aging Shelves
Cheese Press

From making miso to sauerkraut to pressing and aging cheese, you will want the Fermentor Bench to add extra cooking possibilities to your kitchen.

Wood Grill

The Wood Grill is used to make meat edible and also to add flavor that only burned wood can offer. Many recipes require wood chips, see the Cold Smoker for more information on wood chips. The Wood Grill has three tools for helping you cook with fire.

Ceramic Dutch Oven

If you are raising livestock, then you will need a Wood Grill to cook many of the recipes from their harvest items. For things like steak or burgers, you can only cook them on the Wood Grill.

Cold Smoker

The Cold Smoker is used for smoking meat. It has three tools that help with different types of smoking.

Smoker Mat
Meat Hanger
Turkey Rack

Smoking serves to main purposes. The first is Elk Jerky. Elk is an addition to Farm Life and can only be consumed through smoking and making jerky. There are different types of jerky that give different benefits when consumed.

Elk is the perfect food when going on a long looting expedition or extended leaves from your main base. It has large stack sizes and its effects last a long time after being consumed.

Smoking is also used to give flavor to your food. This brings us to wood chips. Some of the trees in Farm Life drop wood “planks”. These wood planks can be converted into wood chips for smoking.

Apple Woodchips
Cherry Woodchips
Maple Woodchips
Walnut Woodchips
Mesquite Woodchips

Wood chips are also used by the Wood Grill. Each type of wood chip imparts a different flavor and taste to the meat you are smoking or grilling.

All of the wood chips can be farmed, except for Mesquite. In order to get Mesquite you must venture into the desert biome and chop up the driftwood found there.

Gas Oven

The Gas Oven is used for baking. It has three tools.

Baking Sheet
Pizza Stone
PyreX Bakeware

There are times that a cooking pot or frying pan just won’t cut it for properly making something in the kitchen. The Gas Oven helps you with recipes that require baking, and not boiling or frying.

Gas Cooktop

The Gas Cooktop replaces the campfire in the kitchen. Like all Farm Life crafting stations it comes with a set of tools.

Cooking Pot (from vanilla)
Caste Iron Skillet

Not only is it safer to use, and has more aesthetic appeal, but it is designed to work either on a counter top or on top of the Gas Oven. You can decorate your kitchen as you see fit.

The Cooking Pot and Caste Iron Skillet are indispensable for making pasta meals and frying up breakfast food. The Wok is used for making Asian cuisines.


The KitchNaid has many tools and attachments that help you do most of the basic work in the kitchen.

Dough Hook
Veggie Attachment
Ice Cream Bowl
Meat Grinder
Grain Miller
Pasta Helper
Mixing Bowl
Food Processor

You’ll find you use your KitchNaid on most recipes in the game. It’s a very versatile crafting station, from making bread dough to grinding meat to processing herbs, there are few recipes that don’t require this station in one way, shape, or form.