Farm Life Mod

Air of Scotland

Scotch is an iconic spirit, and one of the things Scotland is best known for. Legalities aside, scotch can only be produced in the Scottish environment. To help stay as true to real scotch-making as possible, Farm Life adds in a lootable item called, Air of Scotland.

Without it, you can’t craft scotch.


Brewing, wine making, and distillation are a big part of Farm Life. There are two stations and many tools involved.

Brew Cooker Station

Brew Cooker (hot, requires fuel)
Drying Pan
Barrel Roaster

Brew Station

Brew Station (cold, no fuel)
Steeping Tun
Malting Trays
Wine Filter
Wine Tank
Spirits Vat
Aged Oak Barrel
Oak Barrel
Charred Barrel
Floor Corker
Bottle Capper
Mixing Cask

Brew notes

Brewing is a very complicated process in real life. Farm Life tries to pay tribute to the fact that brewing is as complex as it is rewarding. There are 3 major types of brewing categories in Farm Life; Beer, Spirits (think Scotch), and Wine (à la française).


All good beer starts with, you guessed it, malts! While barley is the most common type of beer malt (and for good reason!), Farm Life deviates from this slightly.


Sorghum is the main grain used to create beer malts. Now I know you maybe upset by this if you are a brewer. In order to add variety to Farm Life, there are many things to grow. Sorghum is absolutely a viable malt for beer, though it is not common. In the apocalypse, everything has changed though, and now Sorghum is the beer masters grain champion.

Sorghum must be turned into malt. Which means it needs to be spouted and then stunted before it can be used for actual beer making. Farm Life emulates malting using a series of steps involving both the Brew Cook and the Brew station. There are 3 varieties of malts for beer.

  • Light Malt
  • Golden Malt
  • Dark Malt

Just like in real life, different malts impart different effects on a brew. Each type of beer requires different types of malts.


Once you have the correct malts, now it is time to get some hops! Farm Life uses the existing Hops Plant from vanilla, but adds 2 new types of hops.

  • Floral Hops
  • Bitter Hops

Different types of brews need different types of hops, again, just like in real life 🙂

The Brew

The once you have malt and hops, you are basically ready to start cranking out beers. I suggest you follow the in game quest for hints if you get lost, it is called ‘The Brewing Method`.


Hard liquor has many varying and different paths from brewing beer. Vodka is relatively simple, while spirits like Scotch and Bourbon are much more complicated.


Some spirits require malts. There are two types of malts for spirits.

  • Rye Malt
  • Barley Malt

Barley Malt is a requirement for many types of spirits, as is Rye Malt. You can not legally label or sell certain spirits if they do not meet specific requirements for the ingredients used to craft them. Beyond the now (in-game) non-existent law, there are many reasons why certain spirits use certain grains/malts: predominantly flavor.

I’ve tried to model the recipes for different types of spirits closely to their real world counter parts, and added in specific ingredients (i.e. Charred Barrel for Bourbon) for specific spirits.


More notes soon 😉