Farm Life Mod

Chicken Coops

Chickens can be found in the world, but having a reliable source of eggs is always nice. Aside from eggs there are some nice cuts of white meat available from Chicken Coops.

Chicken Breast
Chicken Wing
Whole Chicken

Chicken meat can be cooked and eaten like other types of meat. It can also be turned into Chicken Stock, which is required for several recipes and soups.

Pig Pens

Pig Pens are important sources of pork meat and fat. There are a many important items harvested from Pig Pens.

Pork Belly
Pork Ribs
Pork Fat

Pork Belly lets you get bacon, probably the most important reason to have pigs around. Pork Fat will allow you to make Lard which is a necessity for much of the southern cuisine. And of course who doesn’t love BBQ Pork Ribs? You’ll need some mysterious mesquite though.

Elk Pens

Elk Pens are the only way to unlock jerky. To make jerky you need to harvest Elk Pens.

Elk Scraps

Elk Scraps can be, optionally brined and, cured into jerky using the Cold Smoker. Jerky can have very powerful and long lasting buffs when consumed. They are the thing you want to take with you when you are on the road and away from your base.

Veal Pens

Please note that in Farm Life, baby cows are not kept in crates. They are allowed to move around and have as much space as any other animal. While not proper veal cows, for the purposes of this mod they serve the same purpose.

Baby cows are surprisingly useful, as much as they are delicious. There are two important items harvested from Veal Pens.

Calf Stomache

Veal is required to make any pasta dish that isn’t vegetarian. Veal dishes have very powerful buffs that are great for battling those nasty greens during Horde Night.

Calf Stomache is the only source of Rennet in the game. Rennet is required in order to make different types of cheeses.

Holstein Pens

Holstein livestock are your sole method of getting milk products.

Raw Milk

Raw Milk is used for many recipes, such as drinking milk and cheese. Derivatives of milk are used in the majority of recipes in Farm Life. You’ll definitely need at least one dairy cow.

Angus Pens

Angus Pens enable the harvesting of beef. Angus livestock have the following harvest items.

Rump Roast

These meat cuts can be cooked into steaks, made into stew, or turned into ground beef for burgers. Any way you slice it, you’ll need a Wood Grill.