Farm Life Mod

Release 1.3.1

There was a problem with stacking Fish Pellets and it was causing some strange issues.


  • Changed Fish Pellets to stack size 20

New Stuff

  • Added a quest chain for Salmon pond, “The Way To Fish”

Release 1.3.0

Sushi, new plant and tree models, and many updated icons.

This update is compatible with all save games from v1.x.x. Please note that it is possible for some blocks to disappear from the game. This is a bug in 7 Days to Die and not in Farm Life. Sorry!


Check the Install Page.


  • There are many icon updates for a variety of items and blocks.
  • All pens now have custom icons.
  • All intermediate stage (Step 1, Step 2…) items now have a custom icon. No more green meat stew.
  • Adjusted stack sizes on several items.
  • Animal feed now has quest items.

New Stuff

  • Added new Sakura Tree, Ume, and Umeboshi.
  • New seed and growing models for all trees.
  • New avocado tree model
  • New pear tree model
  • New bean plant model
  • New carrot plant model
  • New celery plant model
  • New strawberry plant model
  • New herb plant model
  • New Salmon Pond for harvesting Salmon fish
  • New feed item Fish Pellets for feeding fish.
  • New Whole Salmon with fish cuts
    • Salmon Fillet
    • Salmon Steak
    • Sliced Sake
  • New Salmon Roe
  • New Seaweed
  • New tool for Chopping Board – Rolling Mat
  • New food
    • Grilled Salmon Steak
    • Mayo
    • Nori
    • Sake Nigiri
    • Smoked Salmon
    • Smoked Salmon Salad
    • Spicy Mayo
    • Spicy Salmon Roll
    • Sriracha
    • Sushi Rice

Sushi is coming

I’m adding in farmable Salmon to the game. As a result, not only will there be fish, there will be sushi recipes finally getting added in.

The plan is to add all these types of sushi, eventually.

Sakura Tree

Previously this model was used for many fruit trees. As I’m updating/replacing this model on other trees, I wanted to make sure and keep it for everyone. It will allow you to harvest Ume, plums, which will be used for a few new recipes coming soon.