Farm Life Mod


Of course Farming is all about the crops. Farm Life doesn’t disappoint with over 50 new growable crops.


Trees have beautiful models and also allow you to harvest fruit, nuts, wood planks, and other items for cooking.


Brewing, wine making, and distillation are a big part of Farm Life. Learn all there is to know about making libations.

Latest Stats for 1.3.2

All the things in Farm Life


Salmon Roe Sushi

Asparagus Plant

Green and yummy eats.

Wasabi Plant

Wasabi is coming soon.

Release 1.3.1

Hotfix for the new Fish Pellets not working as expected.

Release 1.3.0

Sushi, new plant and tree models, and many updated icons.

Salmon Pond

New Salmon Pond for farming fish.

Sushi is coming

I’m adding in farmable Salmon to the game. As a result, not only will there be fish, there will be sushi recipes finally getting added in.


Yin and Yang are inseparable. In the game they now heal your gut. 69

Sakura Tree

Ume fruit coming soon.